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Book Chapters & Anthologized Work

"Beautiful Flesh"
Essay in the anthology of the same name:
Beautiful Flesh: A Body of Essays
Stephanie G'Schwind, editor
University Press of Colorado, 2017

"Tilled Paths Through Wilds of Thought"
Essay in the anthology
Not Somewhere Else But Here: A Contemporary Anthology of Women & Place
Erin Elizabeth Smith, T.A. Noonan, Rhonda Lott, and Beth Couture, editors
Sundress Publications, 2013

“El istmo de Tehuantepec, visto por ojos norteamericanos,
cien años de la historia istmeña en el New York Times
(See the English translation.)
Chapter in the anthology
Región del Istmo de Tehuantepec: Interacciones Sociales
y Flujos Comerciales

Salomón Nahmad Sitton, editor
Casa Editorial CIESAS, Oaxaca, Mexico, 2011

“From the Audience of One to the Audience of Anyone”
Essay in the anthology
Writers and Their Notebooks

Diana Raab, editor
University of South Carolina Press, 2010

"The Last Five Years"
Essay in the anthology
Jack Straw Writers Program 2008 Anthology
Jack Straw Productions, Seattle

Brief essay in the anthology
Shock & Awe: War on Words

New Pacific Press, 2004
Read a review of Shock and Awe here.

Ante el Plan Puebla Panamá, Mesoamérica Resiste
Carlos Beas Torres, Guillermo Hernández, and Wendy Call,
Editorial Antequera, 2002

“Mexico’s Highway to Hell: Native Peoples Fight for Sustainable Development”
Chapter in these anthologies:
Tropical Rainforests. Latin American Nature and Society in Transition
Susan E. Place, editor
Jaguar Books, 2001
Real World International: A Reader in Economics, Business and Politics
Economic Affairs Bureau, 1999

zapotec writing

Joy Castro, gifted memoirist and fellow Macondo Writers Workshop member, reviews Writers and Their Notebooks at her lovely blog, "The Joy Diaries. "

Photo above: This carved stela, at Monte Albán, Oaxaca, is a fine example of Zapotec writing, still only partly deciphered, 1995.
Photo to right: These spiny trees, common around the city of Juchitán, in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, gave the city its name, 2000.
juchitan arbol