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For Good Translation

ALTA: American Literary Translators Association is the first stop for translators! Their annual conference and their journal are excellent!

The ALTA blog does a great job aggregating materialo of interest to literary translators.

If you are going to check out just one online journal of global literature in translation, it must be Asymptote.

Circumference, a literary journal of poetry in translation that ran from 2012 to 2017, has a particularly elegant interface for showing poetry in multiple languages. Circumference is now publishing gorgeous books.

Lisa Carter's Intralingo / World Lit Collective is an excellent source of information. From 2008 to 2018, Lisa Carter edited an indispensible blog. The archived material can still tell you nearly everything you need to know to be a literary translator

Literature Across Frontiers: The European Platform for Literary Exchange, reminds us that's not all about English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese....

PEN America, among its many good deeds, offers excellent resources for literary translator through its Translation Committee.

Three Percent, a resource for international literature from the University of Rochester

Two LInes, a gorgeous, thoughtful, and necessary literary journal and press. The Center for the Art of Translation also organizes excellent events, some virtual.

WLT: World Literature Today, an absolutely indispensible journal, with an elegant digital version, too

Words Without Borders: An Online Magazine for International Literature is also stellar.

Susan Bernofsky maintained an excellent blog, Translationista, from 2010 to 2020. It's no longer frequently updated, but reading old posts is an excellent introduction to literary translation!

Brave New Words, a blog by B. J. Epstein that ran from 2006 to 2015, is full of interesting material.

There are many literary journals that publish a lot of (excellent) literature in translation (thanks to them!) and also essays on the theory, art, and craft of translation: Callaloo, Chicago Review, Cincinnati Review, The Iowa Reivew, Kenyon Review, Michigan Quarterly Review,The Literary Review (TLR), and Tripwire.


I welcome additions to this list; please contact me using the button below.

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