Wendy Call

Anagram Poems from the

Literary Landscapes Reading

June 17, 2009

To introduce the four members of my performance group, who I invited to read at the Hedgebrook Literary Landscapes event, I created anagram poems for them. (As you will see, each line is an anagram of the person’s name.)

Anastacia Tolbert:

A libretto canasta;
a teal abstraction;
a battalion, recast.

A breast, lactation.
A Castration Table.
Labia castrate? Not!

Lo, a tribe’s cantata.
Lo, a titans’ cabaret.

A cantata sob, relit;
A sober lit cantata,
at a tonsil cabaret.

Laura González:

A La Razz Lounge,
an oral guzzle, a
zonal azure gal.
Nu Ole Gala Razz;
A long zarzuela.

(Dictionary note: A zarzuela is “a Spanish opera having spoken dialogue and often a satirically treated, topical theme.”)

Byron Au Yong:

Your yon bang.
You, gonna ruby.
You, gonna bury
No ruby agony.
Yon, yoga burn.

Gun, Rayon Boy!
Run, you Nag Boy!
Run on, Gay Boy!

You, yarn bong,
or a bonny guy.

Storme Webber:

Ebb Stem Rower.

Re-West Bomber,
err, Sweet Bomb.

Brew me sorbet.
Bet more brews --
tree-mob brews.

Be brew; me rots.

More. Best. Brew.